Fun Facts About Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies are smart as a whip (whatever that means) and that originated in the Northeastern Siberia and were bred by Chukchi Eskimos of Northeastern Asia. Hence, the dog was first named as Chukcha or Chuksha dog and then was later named as the Siberian Husky. A Siberian Husky is a beautiful looking dog with an Arctic Dog Temperament. These dogs were used to pull heavy loads for long distances and they are incredible with their stamina and intelligence. Huskies resemble an wolf but they are friendly dogs in nature.

Huskies are a great pet to own in a family, but they should be trained well as they are not the type of dogs that listen to their owners. Huskies if trained properly, they are the best dogs when compared to other dog breeds. Huskies have a few characters that is fun loving but has to be paid attention to as well. They are very good escape artists and they can jump fences, slip off their collar belts and find their way out of a locked house if there is an way out. A well trained Husky does well with both Children and other dogs.

As other dogs Huskies are also prone to a few diseases like hip dysplasia, ectopy, Eye and Skin disorders. But if maintained well with regular check-ups, with the medication available today, your dog can be saved from these diseases. Do not take your dog out for exercises on a hot summer day, as their thick double layered coats are not made for hot weather conditions. Huskies love to be under cold atmosphere preferably snowy days. Make sure to brush your Huskies hair at least once a week to keep him neat. An Huskies average┬álife span is 12 – 15 Years.

Huskies come in different colors from Grey to pure white and they do not have the same colored eyes. Their eye color can vary from blue, brown and amber. The Male is usually bigger in size when compared to a female Husky. Huskies are playful dogs and they do not behave well at home, but they are well mannered at a public places or training places but refuse to follow commands at home.

Huskies are Hyper dogs and they tend to get bored easily. They are not great guard dogs or do they bark often, but they Howl at times. They are not the Needy type of dog but they do care for their owner. If you own a husky, make sure your house is escape proof as some owners have lost their huskies forever as they tend to escape in order to roam around outside. Huskies can sometimes be Territorial and they were once used as watch dogs to herd Reindeer.

Hence it is always fun to own a Husky, but before you buy one do check with an adoption center if any Huskies are available to be adopted. Once he is one among your family you have a nice and fun loving pet to take care off.

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